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+28 years of trajectory

We have a long academic career around the world. We have never received a complaint. Always good comments and good recomendations. Or goal is your goal.

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Avelt-Programs is focused on teaching American English correctly, quickly and accurately for Beginner to Advanced level students. The objective The main goal is to provide the student with all the necessary tools for a communication in English intensively, quickly and effectively without the need of using textbooks or exercise books, since the programs are designed in a way natural learning process by applying the Observe-Listen-Speak trichotomy.

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Have a busy schedule? With Avelt-Programs, you can join our virtual classes at any time – day or night – from any location with internet access. As long as you’re connected, you can learn English! With recorded voices from our teachers you can start speaking in english today!

  • You have all-around access to classes and don’t have to worry about your work schedule – log in during your lunch break or after work.
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  • You can forget about wasting time in traffic, commuting to and from school.
  • Now you can make progress at your own pace, since you don’t have to worry about falling behind because of missed classes.
  • You’re not tied down by limited class time options. All you need to study English with us is your computer.


Students from Chile, United States, Mexico, Canada, and other countries.

Excellent work, very dynamic and educational, the course is very good. I have learned enough to be able to communicate in the English language with my co-workers and send emails with accurate and proper grammar.

Mike Falabella

Web programmer

Mi primer día de clases en la sede me sentía muy nerviosa, hasta cuando empece a hablar desde lo basico 'Yes, I'm a doctor' hasta el 'Dan Townsend is the new desk Clerk here in the hotel, regardless that he has never worked in a hotel before, that means everything is new to him. As for knowing people he doesn't know anybody here but Jenny Richmond.

Sara Wilson


Aprender Ingles desde el primer día de clases ha sido fundamental para mi ya que decidí con mi novio vivir en los Estados Unidos. Para mi Avelt-Programs me ha ensenado a hablar el idioma de una manera facil, didactica, y rapida aplicandola de inmediato en mi vida cotidiana en Los Ángeles ya que es muy necesario comunicarse en Inglés. Now I can go to the supermarket and buy stuffs with my boyfriend!

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

The course is very good, the teachers take the time to teach and not let anyone be left behind in the process.

Matt Brandon


This is my first course in Avelt Programs, and I have learned more than in other places where I have been studying longer. So far I am very satisfied with the course, I am learning a lot, especially learning to listen in English.

John Larson


Lose the fear of speaking English!

You may have some experience of speaking in english but what about your listening skills? Try it now!

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Studying English with native English speakers is the best way to learn proper pronunciation. Our teachers give you immediate feedback and guidance in our virtual classes. You can talk directly with your teacher, ask questions, practice pronunciation and receive immediate answers and feedback.

David Ramirez

English Teacher

Sarah Jhonson

English Teacher

William Anderson

English Teacher

Amanda Jepson

English Teacher


E-LEARNING English Course

$24.99 / month

  • Access 24/7
  • Includes Certificate
  • Beginner to High Intermediate
  • Live English Teacher